from our own roasted cacaos 
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Once skilled in character bean to bar chocolate with artisan care (awarded more than 10 international prizes), Legast Artisan chocolatier has developed new artisanal pralines (also known as bonbons),

with its own quality and natural chocolate.

Our challenge consistes in: 

1)  selecting from our organic fine, and Bio cacaos, those that result in a character chocolate that paired with our 16- year Chef’s creative chic and tasty recipes, can well balance or enhance all natural flavors, and

2)  finding the right roasting and adjustments to our chocolate and recipes to guarantee this marriage ... in addition to the nice and small variations added by a vintage product, as is the chocolate made from beans.

After a year of  sourcing and development, we are very happy to allow you to taste our qualitative pralines with more natural notes, less sugar, and  free of preservatives, GMO and artificial flavors, while guaranteeing a fair price to small farmers who conserve nature, and work ethically.

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Quality and natural character flavors
 Our molds and packaging add to our chocolates, a traveling experience to places and people
where cacao comes from, as well to ancestral indigenous cacao traditions and their mystics.
White Squared Box 125g.
12 €
Brown Box , 1 drawer,  250g. 
20 €
Blue Box , 2 drawers, 500g.  
35 €

Black Box, 3 drawers, 750g.