Directly from our partners plantations

Our partners in cocoa are family or cooperative farmers in Latin-America, keepers of native varieties that are planted in agroforestry. They harvest only their best genetic for us, and together, we set perfect procedures for fermentation and drying. We then carefully roast and refine our fine native beans with stone grinders, to preserve all its subtle flavors. Apart cocoa and a bit of organic sugar, we dont add anything to our black bars.


 Their character is all natural and real.

Dark Bars are
All Bars are  GLUTEN FREE

Our families of natural  flavors 

which group the natural notes we develop form our fine and aromatic cacaos.  Each chocolate has then, its own specificities.

Fruity -Sweet fruit notes..

Citrus-  More tangy fruit notes.

Sweet-  Natural  caramel. flavor notes 

Woody/ Spices -  Natural woody flavors / 'wild' aromas / or 'spices' like cinnamon, pepper or other nice seasonings. 

Nutty-  Soft notes of nuts.

Coffee-  Subtle coffee notes.

Floral - Notes from flowers as violet, jasmine, rose, and others.

Very Chocolaty-  Pronounced chocolate taste, sometimes bitter, but not always. 

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Face RKubali 72.png
Rio Kubali – Nicaragua Dark   72%

This chocolate has at the same time a strong, and soft character: a marked chocolate flavor, but not too bitter, with marked notes of wild wood and black olives, sweetened by natural honey notes. A selection of fine flavor organic cacaos (certified) from 25 familys from central Nicaragua, commited and formed in quality fermentation by a Belgian expert (friend of our chocolaterie). ​

Harvest:  2020 

Cacao type:  Native Trinitario blend.

Plantations:  from 25 families with a selected variety blend, part of a cooperative in central Nicaragua.

Face Piura70.png
Piura- Peru  Dark  70%
Overall Gold Winner International Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Awards Europe 2018
Gold Winner Belgium International Chocolate Awards 2018 
Gold Artisan (micro-batch) International Chocolate Awards 2018

A strong chocolate with fruity and floral notes, coming from rare and elegant

Piura cocoa known for having up to 70% of exceptional fine white beans per cob. Farmers behind this worldappealing cocoa, have become an example of cooperativism in Latin America.

Harvest: 2016, before following torrential rains. 

Cocoa type: Marañón Nacional / Nativo Peruano (Gran Nativo)

Plantations: from cooperative of small farmers, Northen Peru. 

Upala – Costa Rica Dark   70%
Bronze Winner International Chocolate Awards Europe 2018
Bronze Winner International Chocolate Awards World 2018

Sweet and slightly tangy, with notes of yellow fruits and caramel, this chocolate comes from trees in farms inherited from one generation to the next. Planted in agroforestry or intercropping, cocoa compensates environmental damages of nearby pineapple plantations.

Harvest:   2017 

Cacao type:   Trinitario  (Maleku selection) 

Plantations:  from selected farmers affiliated to a community-oriented and         quality post-harvest center, Northen Costa Rica. 

Face FincaLL73.png
    Special Collection Colombia 
Finca Los Lagos – Colombia Dark  73% 
Bronze Winner International Chocolate Awards - Europe 2019

Naturally sweet, this chocolate also offers some notes of dried grapes, wood, coffee and nuts. A proud harvest selection for us from a small, single family farm that holds old native cacao trees and incredible biodiversity. 

Harvest:   2019 

Cacao type:   Native natural hybrids / Trinitario 

Plantations:  Finca Los Lagos, Suarez family, mountains in north-east of Colombia.

    Special Collection Colombia 
Tierralta – Colombia Dark  76%

A proud result of a long evaluation of local beans, together with our local partner cooperative in Tierralta, Colombia: one variety Trinitario selection cacao, carefully picked (from various plantations) and specially fermented for us. This special cacao gives chocolate honey notes with slight spicy notes.

Harvest:  2019 

Cocoa type:   Single hybrid Trinitario local variety.

Plantations:  Small producers,  Northwest Colombia.

Face Tierralta90.png
    Special Collection Colombia 
Tierralta- Colombia Dark  90%
Bronze Winner Academy of  Chocolate Awards 2020


With high cacao content, our careful selection of a SINGLE variety of red Trinitario cob beans from Tierralta,  has a marked chocolate flavor with pleasant woody notes and a rather sweet bitterness.

Harvest:  2020

Cacao type:   Selection of ONE VARIERTY of local Trinitario beans. 

Plantations:  Selection of families in cooperative, plains of Cordoba in Western Colombia.

Face Sierra78.png
  Special Collection Colombia 
Sierra Nevada – Colombia Dark  78% 

This cacao grows in one of the most biodiverse, multi-etnique and mythique ecosystems in Colombia: la Sierra Nevada.  It is a very sophisticated blend that gives chocolate a balanced woody, kind of whisky flavor, with notes of sweet mandarin. Very unique.

Harvest:   2019 

Cocoa type:   Blend of native Trinitario hybrids.

Plantations:  Small producers from La Sierra Nevada, North-West of Colombia.

Face Guayas80.png
Guayas River – Ecuador Dark  80% 

This bar has intense chocolate notes, softened by surprisingly pronounced notes of vanilla, and subtle notes of jasmine and cinnamon. For some, these backstage notes are a reminder of spiced biscuits, especially speculooss.

Harvest:  2018

Cocoa type:   Arriba Nacional  

Plantations:  Small producers, Western Ecuador.

Face Rivera82.png
   Special Collection Colombia 
Rivera – Colombia Dark  82%

A fine selection of local varieties that balance, at this high percentage, strong chocolate notes with a touch of floral and blue fruit notes.

Harvest:   2019 

Cocoa type:   Blend of Criollo and hybrid Trinitario local varieties.

Plantations:  Small cooperative producers in the mountains, Central Colombia.

Piura- Cocoa Nibs Dark  70%
Bronze Winner International Chocolate Awards - Europe 2019
Bronze Winner Academy of  Chocolate Awards 2019  

The roasted Piura nibs added to our Dark Piura 70% give freshness and a crunchy texture to the acid and fruity notes of our awarded chocolate. 

Harvest:  2016, before following torrential rains. 

Cocoa type: Marañón Nacional / Nativo Peruano (Gran Nativo)

Plantations: from cooperative of small farmers, Northen Peru. 

Piura- Coffe /Nougatine Dark  70%   

In this chocolate, the slightly tangy and fruity notes of our awarded Dark Piura are enhanced by the strength of coffee grains, and the caramel taste of our crunchy home-made nougatine.

Harvest:  2016, before torrential rains. 

Cocoa type: Marañón Nacional / Nativo Peruano (Gran Nativo)

Plantations: from cooperative of small farmers, Northen Peru. 

Face ValleeLait 50.png
Vallée des Incas - Peru Dark Milk 50%
Gold Winner Academy of  Chocolate Awards 2020

This creamy drak milk chocolate has a very special fruity character (pineapple). Its beans come from trees sometimes more than 200years old. A variety cared for by locals since Pre- Inca times.  Not for nothing has it recently been recognized with a golden medal in the Academy of Chocolate Awards.

Harvest:  2020

Cacao type:   Local Chuncho

Plantations:  Small farmers in the mystical Valley of the Incas (Cuzco).

Face RKubaliLait 45.png
Rio Kubali - Nicaragua Dark Milk  45%
Soft and creamy, this chocolate also presents des subtle notes of black olives.    A sweet treat with a very nice complexity.

Harvest:         2020

Cacao type:   Native Trinitario blend

Plantations:  from 25 families with a selected variety blend, part of a cooperative                           in central Nicaragua.

Upala –  Costa Rica Dark Milk  50%   

Our Milk Upala balances yellow fruit and caramel notes, with the sweet and creamy texture given by milk. Its cacao comes from trees inherited from generation to generation in familiy farms.  Cacao culture in Upala is done in agroforestry or intercropping, compensating environmental effects of monocultures in the area.

Harvest:         2017 

Cacao type:  Trinitario  (Maleku selection) 

Plantations: Selected farmers affiliated to a community-oriented and                                        quality post-harvest center, Northen Costa Rica.